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Redmine Outlook Add-in


Redmine Outlook Add-in 2.3.3

  • Fixed assignee disappear after select a project
  • Fixed full sync behavior if project was renamed or deleted
  • Include changes from 2.2.2 that was skipped in 2.3.2


Redmine Outlook Add-in 2.3.2

  • Compatibility with Redmine 4.0
  • Fixed throw error 'An error on JsonDeserializeToList from '{"issues"...}'


Redmine Outlook Add-in 2.2.3

  • Fixed error TargetInvocationException: StoreClass.GetDefaultFolder


Redmine Outlook Add-in 2.2.2

  • Outgoing email attached to the issue (If configured in Settings)
  • Fixed not displaying custom fields (if a list have duplicates)
  • Improved French language
  • Fixed date and number formats for specific localizations
  • Fixed OutOfMemoryException while licensing identifier


Redmine Outlook Add-in 2.1.3

  • Hot fix: GetProjectsMember error


Redmine Outlook Add-in 2.1.2

statuses by workflow, redesign select assignees

  • Redesigned select box of assignee
  • Display gravatar
  • Filtered issue statuses by workflows
  • Get free trial activation


Redmine Outlook Add-in 2.0.25

  • Sync calendar only for my issues if it is configured in the settings
  • Open Redmine pane for an email that links RedmineUP HelpDesk tickets
  • Fixed calendar folder name if non English language
  • Fixed sync if it was selected to non-default mail profile while starting Outlook [IMAPISession.OpenMsgStore: MAPI_E_FAILONEPROVIDER]
  • Clear cache of projects name if was executed a full resync trigger
  • Get projects by Redmine Shared Api v 0.0.4


Redmine Outlook Add-in 2.0.20

  • Fixed sync if not installed Shared API plugin


Redmine Outlook Add-in 2.0.19

  • Auto adding creator of an issue into watchers
  • Preload DevExpress components
  • Fixed empty value in columns
  • Fixed empty category after sync
  • Volume license activation via plugin Redmine Shared Office
  • Multiple remove attachments while create a new issue
  • Fixed post time logs while exporting calendar to a project
  • Fixed "Extension attached is not allowed"


Redmine Outlook Add-in 2.0.13

  • VSTO installer not runned on setup
  • Fixed html styles while converting emails
  • Hang on startup on special enviroments


Redmine Outlook Add-in 2.0.12

  • Fixed setup
  • Fixed NullReference error while converting email
  • Fixed Outlook freeze if used non cached mode for exchange email account
  • Fixed Home page for a root folder
  • Fixed memory leak while converting body of an email


Redmine Outlook Add-in 2.0.10

  • Fixed duplicated items in folders
  • Fixed Outlook hangs on Convert to


Redmine Outlook Add-in 2.0.9

  • Import events into time sheet with event date
  • Try to diffrent delete method when Exchange folders are not deleted successfully
  • Fixed: Html description is not processed when converting items
  • Fixed calendar sync if activity custom fields not found
  • Use default time entry activity when exporting from TimeTracker


Redmine Outlook Add-in 2.0.8


Redmine Outlook Add-in 2.0.7

  • Uses a local database for caching


Redmine Outlook Add-in 2.0.3

  • Automatically add recipients and sender of an email into watchers when converting it to a task
  • Supports "Key/Value List" custom field
  • Allows unlink linked email with an issue
  • Calculate the Estimate Hours of the event synchronize from our personal calendar
  • Allows to mark some event/meeting to not be synchronize in the Calendar
  • Fixed delete copies of an issue


Redmine Outlook Add-in 2.0.2

Improved Calendar Export and Convert To feature

  • Auto add email recipients as watchers when converting an email (configurable)
  • Allows to mark some event/meeting to not be synchronize (set private for event)
  • Add Estimate Hours of the event synchronize by Calendar Export
  • Allows modify a meeting event (task) as Outlook event after calendar exporting
  • Support custom field "Key/Value List"
  • Fixed incorrect time when submit event to Time Sheet
  • Fixed reactivating a license after upgrade


Redmine Outlook Add-in 2.0.1

Hot fixes

  • Fixed assign a user to issues
  • Fixed delete items from My Issue, My Watched folders after re-assign
  • Fixed issue of start 'This implementation is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithms.'


Redmine Outlook Add-in 2.0

Storage improvements

  • New option to store Redmine folder inside main Outlook storage
  • My Issues will be available on the Outlook Home page within the root folder
  • Loading performance of the add-in was improved
  • Auto time tracking for emails is now turned off by default (improves performance)
  • Improvements to Calendar export/import
  • Support drag & move items of Redmine calendar
  • Allow install for All users by command line (ALLUSERS=1)
  • Other bug fixes and improvements


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.8.3

Time Tracker improvements

  • Added Timesheet reporting
  • Improved Timesheet print and export
  • Implemented drag & drop emails into attachments
  • Fixed disable state of save button after link to an exist task
  • Fixed a duration field of Timesheet
  • Fixed submit to timesheet for one work day
  • Other minor fixes


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.8.2

Time Tracker stability fixes

Minor fixes

  • Hangs for a minutes on item open/close in some environments
  • sqlite lib not deployed by ClickOnce installer
  • Fixed 'Unable to cast COM object of type 'System.__ComObject' to interface type 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.MailItem' exception
  • Fixed COMException: Catastrophic failure (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8000FFFF (E_UNEXPECTED)) on SetCustomIcon
  • Fixed HRESULT: 0x8001010E (RPC_E_WRONG_THREAD)) on ApplicationClass.ActiveExplorer()
  • Fixed COMException on _MailItem.get_ReceivedByName()


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.8.1

Fixes for new outlook updates

  • Fixed crash 'Can't find created data store'
  • Auto license activation when received mail with a serial number
  • New mail items context menu for time tracking
  • Issues with empty assignee updated from addin not filtered by redmine
  • Fill user field 'Project Closed' in a list of issues
  • Other minor changes


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.8

Time Tracking feature

  • Time Tracker
  • Minimum sync interval changed to 5 min
  • Fixed: Addin not loaded in some environments


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.7.3

  • Fixed an error occurred during installation
  • Fixed disabling of Add-In slowing down of Outlook
  • Generate native images during install on background thread
  • Start UI initialization after all add-ins are loaded
  • Improved date and boolean formats for custom fields
  • Fixed validation for "Estimated Hours" field


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.7.1

  • [+] Display Redmine assignee outside Watchers tab
  • [+] Convert options
  • [+] Copy item name button
  • [+] Custom icon for converted mails
  • [+] Query Issue Names with lightweight serializer
  • [*] Memory cache optimization
  • [*] Require id tag inside brackets ('[' ']') to open linked issue
  • [-] Fixed: Watchers in the created issue not receive email notification
  • [-] Outlook Build >= 7466 crashed on view fields access


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.6.3

  • Handle Outlook November 10, 2016 Version 1610 (Build 7466.2038) crash on view fields access
  • [-] fixed messed UnRead flags
  • [-] empty "Outlook Data File" stores after data storage reset
  • [-] description urls are not linkyfied if attachments are empty
  • [-] catch item save exception while updating mail subject


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.6.2

  • Fixed: Only first 100 items was synced for Queries
  • Fixed: outlook hangs on some systems
  • Enhancement: update downloaded and started by click from notification


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.6.1

  • German localization temporary disabled
  • Fixed missing ribbon on Outlook 2010


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.6

  • Queries sync released
  • Drag'n'drop emails to link them with existing issue
  • My Watched issues folder
  • German, French and Turkish localizations
  • Use [R #id] as default format for linked mails subject
  • Show detailed sync progress on Sync button
  • Save button is disabled for unchanged issues
  • Offline installer used by default, web installer is deprecated and will be removed in future releases
  • Improved startup time, no more 'slow addin' warnings.
  • Mail are linked with issue created with 'Convert To' menu.


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.5

  • Allows send a private note to an issue
  • Allows select an activity in the weekly time logs
  • Find by Issue Id
  • Improved project details: Edit name, Is Public, Inherit members, Trackers, Modules
  • Improved project details: Tasks tab
  • Queries sync [BETA]
  • Fixed NullReferenceException fires when a user selects an item
  • Minor fixes
  • Drag'n'drop emails to attachments tab


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.4.8

  • Updated DevExpress components
  • Added a new button for select Parent issue, Parent project from row


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.4.7

  • Fixed show/hide task pane
  • Fixed linked tab buttons and default button border


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.4.6

  • Chinese language
  • Fixed save button on the task pane
  • Fixed create a new project
  • Fixed create a new issue if no permission for view issues


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.4.5

  • Offline install (+ msi package)
  • Added localization: English, Russian
  • Fixed display save confirmation dialog for every opened issue
  • Fixed minor bugs


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.4.4

  • Fixed images in preview & history is not autosized
  • Fixed calendar export settings
  • Improved perfomance
  • Minor fixes


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.4.3

  • Fixed memory leaks in task history view
  • Calendar Export feature is disabled by default
  • Redmine task pane sometimes opens on startup (even if disabled)


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.4.2

  • Auto show / hide Redmine pane settings
  • Task pane improved
  • Fixed email notifications while saving issue
  • Set default status when change tracker
  • Nice formatting in Convert To feature
  • Do not mark Unread an item at the first synchronization


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.4.1

  • Added field of the target version
  • Calendar Export improved
  • Add Note improved
  • Cache improved
  • Get started window


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.4.0

  • Display preview a description with history of an issue
  • Insert & preview a picture by issue attachments
  • Dran'n'drop picture into a description of an issue
  • Add a formatted note in an issue
  • Check spelling as you type
  • Select yes / no / none for a custom boolean field
  • Export your personal calendars into projects [Beta]
  • Fixed major & minor bugs


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.3.0

  • Textile \ Markdown text editor
  • Edit a project by context menu
  • Move an issue between projects
  • Delete an issue by context menu or ribbon
  • Auto detect a text formatting
  • Add myself as a watcher
  • Fixed major & minor bugs


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.2.2

  • Outlook 2007 fixed
  • New Project is updated
  • Short date format for Redmine Due Date
  • Improved show\hide of Task Pane
  • Attach emails that you link to an issue
  • Add custom fields in folder columns list


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.2.1

  • Detect Self-Hosted EasyRedmine
  • Redmine assignee not updated
  • Export to PDF fixed


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.2.0

  • Easy Redmine supports
  • Auto hide Task Pane
  • Issue details was improved
  • Fixed major & minor bugs


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.1.0

  • Added Solutions in navigation panel
  • Auto open task pane for notification email
  • Fixed Report a Bug


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.0.10

  • Added cache of custom fields (improved)
  • Added spelling feature to editor
  • Fixed search by user name
  • Added drag-n-drop attachments
  • Fixed ‘-1 name’
  • Fixed major & minor bugs


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.0.9

  • Fixed adding attachments into an issue
  • Fixed major & minor bugs


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.0.8

  • Fixed issues with non-english redmine local
  • Fixed incorrect utf-8 description
  • Add email as attach into converted task
  • Issue ID is numeric
  • Remove deleted items from folder
  • Fixed major & minor bugs


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.0.6

  • Task pane updated (link an email with a selected issue)
  • Export issue details to PDF
  • Save all attachments after close an issue
  • Fixed major & minor bugs


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.0.5

  • Task pane (email link to an issues) [BETA]
  • Custom fields (via Shared API plugin)
  • 'Save all' remembers path
  • Added the settings option 'Include email attacments into a new issue'
  • Fixed 'Xml parsing errors..'
  • Fixed major & minor bugs
  • Supports Outlook 2007


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.0.4

  • Custom fields (Redmine Shared API)
  • Reading panel
  • Calendar
  • Contacts (Redmine Shared API)
  • Fixed majors & minors


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.0.3

  • Fixed sync closed projects and issues
  • Fixed remove parent issues
  • minor fixes


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.0.2

  • Added projects tree view
  • Fast sync
  • Hide completed projects
  • major & minor fixes
  • Fixed Convert to


Redmine Outlook Add-in 1.0.1 RC1

  • Improve sync & issue details
  • New Outlook views
  • Added Custom fields support
  • Fixed Convert to
  • Fast details loading
  • major & minor fixes


Redmine Outlook Add-in 0.1.2 Beta

  • Support Office 64-bit
  • Fixed empty list of projects
  • Added authenticate via API access key
  • Fixed major and minor bugs


Redmine Outlook Add-in 0.1 Beta

  • Publsih beta version